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Manantial (The Spring)

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Created on 20 April 2010
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Una humilde campesina y su nieto van a recoger agua. Después de horas de caminar llegan a lo que ahora es un manantial entubado. El niño percible el dolor y la nostalgia de su abuela al ver la sucia y pequeña llave de agua. En un inesperado y poético final, decide revivir al manantial.

A humble country woman and her grandson walk together to get water. After a few hours of journey, they reach to what now is a piped spring. The boy feels his grandmother's pain and nostalgia when she sees the dirty small water tap. In an unexpected and poetic ending, he decides to bring the spring back to life.

More info: www.eltaller.tv
Produced by: Gabriel Govela
Year: 2009
Language: n/a



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