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Shamba Shape Up (English) - Biogas, ECF, Seeds & Fodder

Created on 24 June 2014
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We meet Jospeh and Florence in Kisarian who need help with using biogas, protecting cows against ECF, choosing good seeds, feeding correct fodder for animals & using solar light.Also the kitchen needs a change, as the firewood that they are using now causes a lot of smoke. As for the seeds, management, variety and planting need to be improved.

Shamba Shape Up is the third “edu-tainment” production created by Mediae, and the first of its kind in Kenya and now crossing the borders. Aimed at East Africa’s rapidly growing rural audience, the make over style TV show aims to give both farmer and audience the tools they need to improve productivity and income on their farms.

More info: Shamba Shape Up
Produced by: MEDIAE
Language: English
Year: 2014
Region: Kisarian, Kenya, East Africa



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