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Created on 25 September 2014
Loess Plateau Rehabilitation - Interview J. Vogele
(Media / Loess Plateau Rehabilitation - Interview J. Vogele)
World Bank task manager Juergen Vogele introduces the experiences in the initiation and...
Scaling Up poverty reduction in China
(Media / Scaling Up poverty reduction in China)
This film examines how China succeeded in raising hundreds of millions of people out of poverty...
The Sand Killer
(Media / The Sand Killer)
Leishmaniasis is spread by the bites of many different species of sandfly. As this video shows,...
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The Integrated Planning for Sustainable Water Management (IPSWAM) programme commenced in November 2003 and is scheduled for a period of five years. It aims to assist the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) to find a practical way to introduce realistic, affordable and sustainable participatory and integrated water resources management.

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Produced by: IPSWAM Programme- Bangladesh and Royal Netherlands Government
Year: 2014
Language: Bangla, English and English subtitles
Region: Bangladesh, South Asia





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