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Water pollution in Jordan

Created on 27 February 2015
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Water scarcity in Jordan demanded the search for water and its resources in all possible ways across the country, including the search for groundwater. However, a scientific research was released assuring the invalidity of Jordan’s water for drinking; because the examined samples of water taken from the underground were discovered to contain levels of radiation exceeding the scientifically allowed level for valid drinking water. The study also confirms that groundwater from the same resources tested in Jordan and used in other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt and Israel may have similar results of radiation rates.

On the other hand, it is said among the public that Jordan has one of the highest detected cancer disease rates worldwide.

More info: http://www.al-sijill.com/mag/sijill_items/sitem272.htm
Produced by: RT Arabic
Year: 2009
Language: Arabic
Region: Middle East



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