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Bani Hoshaish- Traditional Water Management Structures

Created on 22 June 2015
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This video is the third part of a series of videos consisting of three parts discussing the new implemented water management projects in Wadi Qaradha of Bani Hoshais district in Sana’a, the challenges faced, and the ancient irrigations systems.

Bani Hoshaish, like many other Yemeni sites, is proud of its old and traditional structures and techniques which have been used since the past showing how wise and attentive to assessment and creativity the ancestors were.

Water management in Yemen has a long and rich history. Yemeni people used to think out of the box while considering sustainability. Many new structures don't last, or collapse under vigorous human or man-made disasters. However, those old structures challenge the time while standing still for hundreds of years so far.

More info: PowerPoint Presentation
Produced by: MetaMeta Company (The Netherlands), in cooperation with the Water and Environment Center- Sana’a University (WEC)
Year: 2015
Language: Arabic
Region: Middle East



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