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The Federal Coastal Zone Management Act

Created on 27 August 2015
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The Federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) is one of the least known but most important federal environmental laws ever passed. Without it, America's coasts would be over developed and polluted. Fortunately, in 1972, Congress passed the CZMA, which mandated that the coastal states work together to plan the development of America;s shoreline while also protecting it.

The CZMA also called for the formation of National Estuarine Research Reserves--protected areas along the coast where long-term research about the health of America's marine ecosystems could be conducted. Today there are 28 Research Reserves, which are protected areas that provide research data and also serve to educate local decision makers and the public about coastal issues. Now 40 years old, the legacy of the CZMA is in "what we don't see" on our coasts, and the Act deserves our continued support.

More info: http://coast.noaa.gov/czm/act
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