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Food miles

Created on 17 November 2017
Living Labs: Mekong River Basin
(Media / Living Labs: Mekong River Basin)
It takes large volumes of water to grow rice, but old habits have to change in a world running...
Water: Source of Food Security
(Media / Water: Source of Food Security)
This video shows how water scarcity in Niger is affecting the annual harvest, and how FAO is...
Wetlands supporting Livehoods in Malawi and Zambia
(Media / Wetlands supporting Livehoods in Malawi and Zambia)
A film by Wetlands International that shows the importance of wise use of dambos (seasonally...
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Food miles is the distance your food had to travel from its production place to your plate. The longer the food miles, the more pollution transporting the food costs and the more unsustainable it becomes. Buy local and seasonal food to reduce emissions and promote sustainability.
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Year: 2012
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