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Competing for water: when new water users emerge

Created on 20 December 2010
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Economic growth is often accompanied by new uses of water.The advent of new and often powerful water users into a rural area - such as companies that grow maize for bio-fuel, process agricultural products, extract minerals or establish tourist enterprises – often radically changes the level of competition for water. Based on the case of the arrival of a lead mining company in a rural commune in Con Cuong district in Vietnam, this video report illustrates that those who make the decisions to allow new water users to start operating tend to be different from those who bear the costs of the new types and levels of competition for water which emerge. Often local-level authorities do not have the necessary legal and administrative means to protect the interests of the local population. This project is funded by DIIS and Danish Development Research Council.

More info: www.diis.dk/water/videoreports 
Produced by: DIIS & Sten Rehder 
Year: 2010
Language: English and Vietnamese with English subtitles



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