How Serious Gaming? Addive Value to Water Management

How Serious Gaming?

Adding value to water management

Symposium organised by UNESCO-IHE, Delft The Netherlands. November 8, 2013

Serious games are based on simulations of real-world processes. They ARE a lot of fun, even though they are designed primarily for solving real-world problems, training and education. At this symposium, some leading thinkers and practiotioners from this exciting new field share their experiences and insights.Does serious gaming add value to water management? Check the recordings to find out more:

Games in policy analysis and water management | Qiqi Zhou, TU Delft

Games – a serious business | Jeroen Warmerdam, Tygron Serious Gaming


Games and capacity building – are you kidding? | Wim Douven, UNESCO-IHE

Does gaming add value to water management? | Panel discussion

Reflections from the playground, 1975-2013 | Jetze Heun, UNESCO-IHE


The event was organised to mark the retirement of Jetze Heun from his position as Associate Professor, Water Resource Management at UNESCO-IHE. Over his long and distinguished career, Jetze has built up  a great track record in education and research, in leading multi-disciplinary projects and management functions. All along, he developed several interactive simulations and role plays  for use in water education. And helped raise awareness/ initiate key discussions around the application of Serious Gaming in effective water management. More info>>
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November 8, 2013  
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