#11 What if we change – Vitshumbi Participatory Video

This participatory video which was made in North Kivu, Congo DRC is part of an IUCN NL learning trajectory aimed at reinforcing the relationship between ecology and development through the use of audiovisual media in capacity building.

Vitshumbi is a small fishing village on the edge of Lake Edward in North-Kivu, Congo DRC. Due to bad management, war and overfishing the lake has been overexploited since the 1980s, which has severely disturbed the delicate thread between ecology and development and has led to conflict and malnutrition.

In this film, community members of Vitshumbi, from fishermen to military, explore the situation from their own point of view and share ideas for improvement.

More info: www.whatifwechange.org, www.iucn.org
Produced by: The community of Ishamba
Year: 2013
Language: (English subtitles)

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May 15, 2020  
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