(Dec 8, 2020):COVID-19 and Floods in South and Southeast Asia

Floods are a regular occurrence in South and Southeast Asia. Over the past years, they have been increasingly erratic and severe. In cities as well as rural areas, floods often create emergency situations which needs relief and rescue efforts to be rolled out. In the year 2020, floods have hit India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Myanmar (among other countries) at a time when health and relief systems are under stress due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

In this webinar,  flood-risk/ disaster risk management experts from these countries led discussions around some key questions around linkages between floods and COVID.

Speakers representing Vietnam
  • Nguyen Hong Quan, Vietnam National University
  • Tran Nguyen Hai, Duy Tan University
Speakers representing Bangladesh
  • M. Shah Alam Khan, Bangladesh University of Engineering & technology
Speakers representing India
  • C.S.P. Ojha, IIT Roorkee
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December 8, 2020  
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