Bio Rodenticide

Damage to crops caused by rodents is an issue overlooked by too many people for too many years. Large percentages of crops are either eaten or affected by rodents, having a big negative impact to especially the most vulnerable farmers all around the world. A lot of energy, money and resources are put in to produce crops, this should be protected and optimized sustainably. Bio-rodenticides are needed to counter food-loss and increase food security. There is an urgent need for organic, sustainable ways to control rodents so that crops are protected, on the field and in storage. A major issue is that existing chemicals no longer work: rodents have become resistant and the chemicals do harm to the environment. We have to look closely at botanicals which repel rodents and can control them sustainably, also favoring the direct environment. It is time for a game-changer in the field of rodenticides.

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Year: 2018
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July 2, 2020  
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