Delivering Desire – the prelude to the 300in6 video suite on scaling up safe water

This stunning prelude introduces the people – and their opinions, experiences and projects – who are shaping the new revolution in scaling-up safe water in low-income communities. The full video suite starts onlining in December 2012. It builds a pro-active, consumer-focused approach, based on what people aspire to, along with a refined combination of sound health and sound business principles. It raises the opportunities to be seized, the obstacles to be removed, in providing safe water – “a game changer at personal and at global level”.

The prelude video is as revolutionary in attitude and aspect as is the new approach to scaling-up. Its visuals break new ground in communicating the ‘HOW’ in today’s mantra of “scale-up”. Recognising that the safe water scale-up requires the input of several billion consumers and 100+ professions, we show how remodelled cooperation and new business models can work between water professionals, health and hygiene behaviouralists, upscalers, innovative financiers, entrepreneurs, regulators and communicators.

It took humanity 15,000 years to deliver safe drinking water to less than half its peoples. The secure delivery of this human right to the ‘other half’ of humanity could be, should be, shall be achieved in one-thousandth of that time. Delivering Desire.

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Year: 2012
Language: English

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