England Under Water (1958)

News fragment from 1958. It shows a flooded Market Harborough in Leicestershire, England. Luckily the local cinema will still be showing the newest movie: ‘Don’t Go Near The Water’. You can go and see it if you don’t mind swimming.

SV Shopkeeper standing in doorway in Wellington / gumboots emptying pails of water from flooded shop into roadway, pan down to water. GV Flooded main street in Market Harborough. Nearer shot, two men wading through water, knee deep. SV Pan, high water flowing under bridge in Market Harborough. SV Shopkeeper stacking water-soaked rolls of lino outside shop. GV Flooded square. SV Man wading along carrying pram to safety on his shoulders. LV Flooded square. SV Int. Women mopping up water from doorway of hotel. CU Woman mopping round pillar in hotel, high water mark can be seen on pillar. LV Men mopping up water in lounge. SV Ext. Stacking furniture and carpets to dry out. GV ABC Cinema in Market Harborough surrounded by flood water. SV Attendants mopping up water, he empties water into road which is flooded and onto poster floating in water ‘Don’t Go Near the Water’, this is the next film which ABC Cinema will be showing. GV Flooded main street and Square in Market Harborough.

More info: British Pathé
Produced by: British Pathé
Language: English
Year: 1958
Region: Great-Britain, Europe

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June 24, 2020  
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