Global Hydrological Model eWaterCycle

Floods are offten inevitable, but what if they could be predicted accurately? In this video, Nick van de Giesen (Technical University-Delft) takes us through a fictitious but all-too-possible situation in the future, where the Burmese city of Mandalay is under imminent threat of floods. Thanks to high-resolution hydrological data and models, the various scenarios can be simulated , early warnings can be issued, and the city can be evacuated in time. The day is saved.

eWaterCycle is a project that will provide detailed hydrological information for water management challenges around the globe. We will calculate how much water is available in each part of the world at present and in the near future. Using the most advanced science-based models and high performance computing, we will be able to make statements about the water availability at every one square kilometer of the land surface.

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Produced by: eWaterCycle Project
Year: 2013
Language: English
Region: Myanmar, South Asia, Global

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June 29, 2020  
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