Groundwater The long run

This video describes the consequence of human activities on groundwater systems.
First, the case of the decline of the Aral Sea is explained; two rivers draining the Aral Sea were diverted to irrigate farmland. Grain and cotton were produced to secure food availabilty and to provide economic stimulance to the area. Eventually the Aral Sea was left dry.
In the Netherlands the Dutch drained the low lying peatlands to increase their farmland area. Negative impacts of this drainage are descibed in the video: land subsidence, continous pumping, and seawater intrusion. Ensuring groundwater sustainability is important, especially now the world population is growing. The video ends with a few steps which could optimize groundwater management: managing groundwater instead of over exploitation, improving knowledge and understanding of regional groundwater systems, policies, lesiglation, action plans, ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

More info: IGRAC and TNO
Produced by: IGRAC and Tiffin Media
Supported by: Partners for Water, Deltares
Year: 2008
Language: English

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May 15, 2020  
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