Gully treatment in Tigray_French

Gullies appear as scars in the Tigray landscape where soil conservation measures were not sufficiently incorporated in land management strategies. A variety of gully-treatment measures are being employed in the region, some of which are:

1) Construction of checkdams in the middle of the gully, to slow down the water and stimulate sedimentation in the heart of the gully.
2) Plantation of the site slopes of the gully, to stabilize the walls and halt widening of the gully.
3) Construct micro-basins in the upper catchment, to reduce run-off potential, and lower the erosive force of the water.

The video shows examples of gullies in Negash, Birki and Hintalo Wojerat

English version

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Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Year: 2012
Language: English
Region: Tigray, Ethiopia

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