How to use a tulip water filter? (Amharic)

In this video Afra explains how to use a tulip water filter. The tulip water filter is a simple and affordable water filter which removes all turbidity and 99.99 % of all harmful bacteria and parasites. The filter consists of a reinforced filter element impregnated with colloidal silver. This element is connected with a tube, a bulb and a tap. The filter element is placed in a container which is 0.7 meter higher than the clean water container. With the bulb a vacuum is created and since the tube goes to a lower level, a vacuum, siphon function is created and water continues to flow at a speed of 4 -5 liters per hour. The filter can be cleaned by closing the tap and pressing the bulb (backwashing). The filter includes an “end of life” indicater so families know when to replace the filter element.

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Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Year: 2011
Language: Amharic
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