‘Imagine All the Water’ Contest

Bread and beef together make one of the most popular foods ever invented — the hamburger. They are also two products that use a lot of water in their production. Rearing cattle requires more water than any other animal while the wheat used to make bread needs water to grow. Of course, it’s fine to eat a hamburger once in a while but from time to time why not swap your hamburger for a vegetarian burger, or even a chicken burger, which requires around three times less water to produce?

Inspire others to save water and win an awesome sports camera! Make your own video clip demonstrating how much water is needed to produce any of these everyday products: coffee, chocolate, beer, a hamburger, or shoes. Find out more on http://www.imagineallthewater.eu

More info: http://www.imagineallthewater.eu/EN
Produced by: Generation Awake
Year: 2012
Language: English

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May 15, 2020  
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