Webinar #1: Innovations for Food Security: The Business of Sustainable Land and Water Management

Date and time:May 18, 2011 (watch the recorded webinar)
Speaker:Frank van Steenbergen

More than two-thirds of the global food production is based on rain-fed and flood-based low intensity farming. According to the International Water. Management Institute’s Comprehensive Assessment on Water Management in Agriculture, this production system holds the biggest promise to meet the growing demand for food. In some parts of the world, the last fifteen years have seen major turn-arounds- landscapes and watersheds have been transformed, seeing higher food production and greater environmental protection. These experiences serve as major inspirations to other areas.On May 18th, Frank van Steenbergen discussed a number of such innovations in the management of land and water buffers; particularly the development of a number of new techniques, the scope for new financing mechanisms and the lessons from large turn-around programs. This webinar has been facilitated by IFAD and the EU FP-7 WAHARA program.
About the speaker:Frank van Steenbergen has worked over the past twenty years in Water Resource Management and Local Development. He has been involved in both in on the ground project implementation and the preparation of policy documents such as Framework for Action (Second World Water Forum), Dialogue on Water Governance (Third World Water Forum) and the Review of Mainstreaming Water and Environment (DGIS).


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