Lecture: Water Productivity and Water Accounting

Prof. Dr. Wim G.M. Bastiaanssen is a Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at the Delft University of Technology in the topic Water Resources Management and Remote Sensing since 2007. Wim is an expert in earth observation technologies for land and atmospheric processes, with a specialization in river basin management and agricultural water management.

In this presentation Wim explains the concepts of Crop Water Productivity and Water Accounting and provides examples on these topics from Pakistan.

This presentation was developed for teaching purposes as part of The World Bank funded project “Curriculum Development for IWRM and PIM in Sindh, Pakistan”.

More info: www.pakistanuniversitywaternetwork.org
Produced by: MetaMeta
Year: 2014
Language: English
Region: Global

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Water Productivity  
June 25, 2020  
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