Mothers of Haiti Pastry Workshop

Safe Water Haiti is committed to providing sustainable safe water programs for the people of Haiti. It integrates solar disinfection (SODIS) training, a simple and affordable method of sanitizing water, with education on proper hygiene and sanitation practices. SWH believes people can achieve great things if they are healthy and given the opportunity. That’s why they also support the development of women by empowering them with basic life skills and the enrichment of children or young adults by providing them with the opportunity to learn music. Safe Water Haiti provides simple, strategic and sustainable clean water solutions to the developing world.

The first skills workshop this year in Haiti taught the community how to bake cakes using a converted fridge as an oven.
An unexpected positive response was now that they can bake on their own, they don’t have to pay someone else to bake for them, helping them save money for other needs.
SWH also works with women in the community because time and time again it is proven that training women is one of the most effective ways to change a community. Over 60% of women in Haiti cannot read. Domestic abuse is common, but the understanding of basic legal rights is not. The economic situation of women in Haiti is poor.
In the communities in which they are already working through the school program with kids, they look to further cement their teaching and lay the foundation for community based growth. Approaching women who are leaders in the community to see if they are interested in learning and if they are interested in working with SWH. Then the community selects a few women from their own community who they want to train them. These women come to Cap-Haitien for a few days, and together with women from other communities receive basic training on women’s issues, rights and how to train the women in their own community.

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May 15, 2020  
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