Planting the desert to combat desertification

The Groasis Technology (GT) is a planting technology but not a way of irrigation. While planting during the first year water savings go over 90% compared to any other planting method. It is a biomimicry technology and it consists of:

1) improving the soil with mycorrhizae

2) leaving the capillary structure intact

3) using plants with the right primary roots

4) the use of the waterboxx and if necessary when planting on rocks

5) the use of the capillary drill.

The Groasis Technology is a copy of how Mother Nature solves the problem of planting plants in deserts, eroded areas, badlands and on rocks. This way we can replant man made desert or eroded areas, restore the vegetation cover and make them productive with fruit trees and vegetables.

This video was filmed in Limestone, Dubai and it shows the Groasis capillary drill in order to plant holes for trees in the desert.

More info:
Produced by: Groasis technology and waterboxx
Year: 2012
Language: English subtitles

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May 15, 2020  
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