Pumpkins against Poverty- Kate Thornton Magic Radia- UK 2016

Its a Win against Poverty, Its a Win against Hunger. A life changing innovation for millions struggling for survival and to combat food insecurity, hunger, undernourishment and fragile climate. It is a vehicle for change for the extreme poor communities by the use of barren transitional sandbars in the river system in NW Bangladesh. The climate smart solution has the potential to benefit many millions of poor in similar geographical areas of the world. Courtesy: SWFF of USAID, Sida, The Govt. of The NL, Science and Technology, SA and Pumpkins against Poverty of UKaid Match

More info: https://securingwaterforfood.org/innovators/practical-action-sandbar-cropping
Produced by: Nazmul Chowdhury
Region: Bangladesh, South Asia
Year: 2017
Language: English

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July 2, 2020  
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