Recognizing the value and diversity of local climate knowledge systems

Excerpt from interview with Youba Sokona, Co-Chair Working Group III Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), recorded at “Climate Change Mitigation with Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples: Practices, Lessons Learned and Prospects” 26-28 March 2012, Cairns, Australia

The workshop aimed to:
*Reflect the wide and diverse range of perspectives concerning indigenous peoples/local communities and climate change responses (including mitigation)
*Support the build-up of understanding and peer-reviewed literature in the field of Indigenous peoples, local communities and climate change mitigation
*Compile regional and local data and grey literature that are relevant for understanding climate change mitigation involving local and Indigenous knowledge holders, local populations, and developing country scientists
*Support Indigenous peoples’, local communities’and developing country scientists’ engagement and research in international climate dialogues
*Provide policy-makers with relevant information on the mitigation potential of Indigenous peoples and local communities
*Outline a publication in a Special Issue of a peer-reviewed scientific journal For background papers and meeting reports visit:

More info:
Produced by: United Nations University
Year: 2012
Language: English

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