Ruimte voor de Rivier – Voorbereidingen Werk aan de IJssel

In the river IJssel at Deventer in the Netherlands there is work to be done. Trenches are digged in order to give the water more space to flow off. This movie shows the preparations for this project, which took place during the whole year 2011. They contain: 1) searching for non exploded bombs from the second worldwar (in the region are 2 bridges which where bombed more than 30 times. Estimated amount of bombs thrown down: 1000, of which 10% was dud). 2) Archeological inquiry (an old wharf from the 19th century was uncovered). 3) Moving cables and pipes under the river (which is done by the advanced technique of manouvrable drilling).

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Produced by: Le Chapeau – Paul van Agten for Rijkswaterstaat, Ruimte voor de Rivier
Year: 2011
Language: Dutch

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May 15, 2020  
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