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Produced by: Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum
Year: 2015
Language: Sinhalese, English, English subtitles
Region: Sri Lanka, South Asia

A visual media production capturing community knowledge and perception on rainwater harvesting facilitated by Lanka Rain Water Harvesting

This Media production captured the authentic voices of beneficiaries reflecting the impact of the projects carried out so far by Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum reflect in the following focal areas:

  1. Akbopura, Madeena Nagar, Dikwewa in Vavuniya District;
  2. Muduna Palugaskutiya, Sudugalawatte, Pokuna Hena, Palukaskuttiya, Mudun Palugaskuttiya, Kadawala , Mahaserugahena, Katuwewa, Weeraketiya, Mandaduwa in Hambanthota district;
  3. Kalugolla, Inspector Ethan, Sengamam, Kabadapitiya, in Ampara District.

With a multiple foci on a visual educational tool for awareness raising and capacity building, a marketing tool to promote rainwater harvesting in the island, a monitoring and evaluation guide on best practices towards rainwater harvesting and a guide to policy makers and development practitioners.

Crosscutting Themes of the Storylines:

–        Collaborations between government, non-government and civil society organizations working towards rainwater harvesting in rural villages;

–        Alternative clean water harvesting becoming a development challenge that both civil society and government authorities are confronted with in the North Central provinces where chronic kidney disease connected to water are becoming increasingly common and deadly;

–        The challenge of access to clean consumable water faced by displaced families due to human and natural disasters;

–        The overall potential of rainwater harvesting examined from the eyes of the community to enable better and stronger policy support in this regard and dispel negative views the community may hold based on any unjustifiable fears held.

–        To examine in a multi – pronged manner the strengths and areas, which could be improved in rainwater harvesting projects carried out by Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum.

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June 29, 2020  
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