Siesta – Transience

Many human settlements are related to water. Their prosperous cultures were started in the picturesque old watertowns today. In quickly growing contemporary cities, lives are changing and slowness is vanishing. When the urban men and women look for some quiet moments and beautiful sceneries back in the old watertowns, their transient activities inevitably change the relaxed life style and visual landscape there…
“Siesta•Transience” is combined with two related short-documentaries from two old towns of the world’s different water cultures: Zhouzhuang in China and Venice in Italy. The camera narrates a hidden siesta of two boat women in the touristic Chinese watertown Zhouzhuang, as well as a slow travel through the water flow and green oases in Venice.
Maybe these scenes would arouse some sense of nostalgia, when we are getting back to the quick paced modern city life. In the travel of urban and nature spaces, close-ups of water and fog in Venice, visualize the world’s rising sea level by the continuing Climate Change.

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Produced by: Xiaoying Liu
Year: 2009
Language: English and Chinese subtitles

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May 15, 2020  
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