Tal-Ya Tray

The Tal-Ya tray is a rigid polypropelyne square that covers a plant’s root system, on the ground, directing water to the roots. Each and every drop of water reaches the right place.

Agriculture traditionally uses rainwater or irrigation to grow crops. Tal-Ya maximizes water-utilization by using dew, condensation and a more efficient use of irrigation and rain water. Dew collects during the night and is channeled down to the plant’s root system. Evaporation is reduced, and the Condensation that builds up beneath the product during the day keeps the soil moist, and is also directed back down to water the plant roots. Irrigated water is directed straight to the plant’s root system, in each and every plant, reducing water consumption. Rainwater is more efficiently collected and directed to the plant’s root system.

More info: http://www.tal-ya.com/articales/eng/Overview%20Eng.pdf
Produced by: Tal-Ya Water Technologies Ltd.
Year: 2011

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