The Dove, the Duck and the Camel

Few other countries have had to bear the brunt of Climate Change as much as Bangladesh. Extreme weather conditions bring about floods and cyclones. Unpredictable, extreme precipitation causes floods and droughts. Rising sea levels cause salination of land. While much damage has already been done, much more threatens to follow.

Drought is a constant factor for many communities in Ethiopia, due to which traditional ways of living are in danger. Droughts also serve as recurring hazards, as disasters. In order to survive, communities need to take adaptive measures and steps that reduce risk.

Parts 2 and 3 in this video highlight the situation in the two countries and interventions that seek seek to prepare communities better for floods and drought. The ‘Caritas Bangladesh DRR Program’ focuses on constructing cyclone shelters and building awareness. Cordaid adopts the ‘Drought Cycle Management’ approach in its work in Ethiopia, integrating drought in the planning and implementation of all development work.

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Produced by: Humanitarian Productions
Year: 2009
Language: Various (English Subtitles)

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May 15, 2020  
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