The Untold Story Of Grasses | William Bond

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The story of the underdogs that took out their forest adversaries with powerful allies – fire and the great herds. Grasses created an open sunlit world, rich in plants and animals, including those that nurture and feed us and sustain our cities. Now all are threatened by a trillion trees.

Most people don’t think about grass and dismiss ancient grasslands as mere empty space or degraded forests. The open sunlit habitats of half the world have been further neglected in the current tide of media promoting forests and tree planting as a quick fix for climate change.

But grassy biomes have been carving a space in forests for millions of years. They created an alternative sunlit world, the inverse of forests – fire-loving and friendly to herds of herbivores. Ancient old-growth grasslands still exist today. Many are extraordinarily rich in plants and animals, which are restricted to their open, sunlit, grassy habitat. Grasslands have provided the world’s major seed crops, staple food for billions of people. Grassland animals were key to the development of our civilizations, providing transport, food and fiber.

Global plans to plant billions of trees in vast areas could see the collapse of grasslands in the next decade. Our story was motivated by our concern for this impending disaster. This video gives voice to the sunlit, grassy world, calling for wisdom and understanding rather than policies driven by panic and ignorance.

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Script by William Bond
Narration by William Bond

Special Thanks To:
Elizabeth and Quinton Martins
Carla Staver & Anabelle Cardoso
Chris Bond
Helen O’Hagan

Supported by: Natural Curiosity Safari Group 2019
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Music: Premium Beat

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February 25, 2021  
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