Training disabled people in mushroom cultivation in Thailand

In this short documentary by the FAO a group of farmers with disabilities who are trained to cultivate mushrooms are followed. In 1999, the FAO set up a 2-month training program on this topic in cooperation with the Thai ministry of labor and social welfare. It included practical training, but also paid attention to the marketing and selling of the product. The goal of the project was to overcome hopelessness and loneliness among farmers with a handicap. In order to reach this goal a change in attitude is needed, so these farmers are more confident in taking on new challenges. What is special about this program is that the trainers also suffer from some sort of disability. In this way, the trainees built a special bond with their trainers and are more willing to take advice. At the end of the program, it is expected that the trainees will share their new acquired knowledge on mushroom farming with their friends and family.

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Produced by: FAO
Year: unknown
Language: English, Thai
Region: Thailand

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