Tunnel Greenhouse in Creative Community Garden Wageningen

Do it Your Self (DIY) is an internet phenomena and ever since we have online tv channels, DIY has become very famous. It seems like we will hear more and more of it day by day. DIY videos can be on agriculture, science and other topics. People share the knowledge freely through Youtube and other related video channels, which means that the knowledge is spread all over the world. On this video young students install their own simple tunnel greenhouse at their garden. Wageningen, The Netherlands is not warm enough to keep tomato saplings outside and they want the plants to grow faster. For this reason they installed a low cost tunnel greenhouse. DIY videos basically show that its not that difficult to make something  even if you have never done it. Videos obviously encourage you to do it, instead of buying vegetables directly from the shop or hire someone to do it. It’s fun and learning by doing.

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Produced by: Sukru Esin
Year: 2014
Language: English
Region: Netherlands, Global

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June 25, 2020  
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