TVC 2015: Paul O’Callaghan (BlueTech) on “Innovation & Entrepreneurship for water constrants”

An amazing list of keynotes, plenary sessions, and workshops at Cambridge University’s 12th Technology Ventures Conference (TVC) on “FUTURE RESOURCE ABUNDANCE”. We talk about how technology entrepreneurship can lead to a sustainable future with global welfare.

Food & Water Panel:
Food and water are to humans what energy and materials are to technology. They are a basic necessity. We urgently need a sustainable way to produce fresh water and food to meet the ever
growing demand. Paul O’Callaghan, Charlie Paton, and Nityen Lal will guide us through the technologies that might solve this challenge and explain how entrepreneurs can be part of the pursuit of food and water for all.

More info:
Produced by: CUTEC – Cambridge University
Year: 2015
Language: English
Region: Global

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June 29, 2020  
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