Webinar #2: Update on new low cost water technologies for drinking , domestic use and irrigation

Date and time:September 14, 2011 (watch the recorded webinar)
Speaker:Henk Holtslag

Innovations over the last 10 years have drastically reduced the cost and increased the sustainability of many water and sanitation technologies. These can be harnessed by the private sector all over the world to develop affordable solutions for local water use/ sanitation needs. Through large scale capacity building on Smart Techs, developing countries could reach WASH (WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene) related MDGs (4 and 7), improve food security and increase incomes rural incomes. In this webinar, Henk Holstag will demonstrate some Smart Tech solutions with proven impact in various parts of the world. He will also discuss what goes into increasing their uptake by the water users and businesses.
About the speaker:Henk Holtslag has 25 years of experience as development worker in 16 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. He is an acclaimed expert on the development, dissemination and promotion of SMART Techs such as rope pumps, manual well drilling, water filters and irrigation. In 2008, Henk received a royal decoration from the Dutch Minister of Development Affairs for his enormous efforts with regard to advocacy, promotion and development of low-cost WASH solutions.
January 7, 2014  
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