Tankers and Urban Water Supply in South Asia (October 17, 2017)

Tankers and Urban Water Supply in South Asia

Download the presentation: Tanked Water Supply in Kathmandu Valley by Saroj Yakami

Download the presentation: Tankers and Water Supply in Delhi by Matt Birkinshaw


  • October 17, 2017


As cities in rapidly urbanising South Asia continue to grow, municipal piped water supply networks are struggling to keep up. In this scenario, tankers are turning out to be an important means for millions of citizens to secure clean water. They cater not just to peri-urban areas and urban slums. As groundwater tables plummet and real estate takes over urban lakes/tanks, city-centre neighbourhoods and affluent communities are increasingly dependent on tankers for their daily water needs. From the supply side, both civic authorities and private businessmen are viewing tankers as viable means to cater to their constituencies and make profits respectively.

Do tankers represent a water insecurity and deficiencies in urban water supply systems? Or are they smart solutions for the most common kind of urbanisation—rapid, semi-planned, high-density? What are the best examples of them helping meet urban water needs?

In this webinar on October 17 (1500 Nepal time; 11:15 Central Europe Summer time; click here for your local timings), Saroj Yakami (MetaMeta Nepal) and Matt Birkinshaw (London School of Economics) will discuss some of these questions, in the context of Kathmandu and New Delhi.  Saroj will draw on the CoCOON-CCMCC research on peri-urban water (in)security, supported by NWO. He will also discuss how growing demand for water in urban areas is leading to conflict, as that demand is met through transfer of groundwater from peri-urban areas (i.e. Jhaukhel in Kathmandu valley).

The webinar is interactive, free to attend and open to all. 

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