Youth, Water and Sustainable Development Goals

Webinar: Youth, Water and Sustainable Development Goals

Tuesday, November 28 at 12:45 CET 

Water lies at the heart of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including but not limited to SDG 6 (Ensuring Access to water and Sanitation for All).

The United Nations calls on everyone, from states, to industries, to individuals to contribute to achieving the SDGs in 2030. More than 40% of the people on this planet are younger than 25, and more than 55% are younger than 35. These sheer numbers highlight that young people are an important force that will contribute towards achieving these goals.The UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN-MGCY) has taken it upon itself to spread awareness about the goals and urge young people to actively engage, educate, and work on solutions.

In this webinar, Maria Schade (UNWater) and Antonella Vagliente (Young Water Solutions) discuss the aims of the SDGs and the importance of water. They reflect upon how the water sector, and especially young people, around the world are making positive contributions towards achieving the SDGs; why that is important; and what incentives can be created to deepen that engagement.  

You can find more information about the Sustainable Development Goals through the following links: 


November 20, 2017  
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