Zen Blue Heron

Experience Zen Blue Heron, a multi-dimensional moment of sound, beauty and peace. Take a minute and relax right now. Zen Blue Heron is the first of the of Zen Water Flix™ series produced by http://WaterCheck.biz. Rather than add to the noise and dissonance of the world, our Zen Water Flix™ video series is using natural water scenes and the new age of internet media to give people the gift of relaxation, a real Zen moment. We request you share this video throughout your social universe – thanks. Direction & Footage by Ty Baldaeus. Editing, Sound & Music by Jake Lamante for ZeroSilence LLC

More info: http://WaterCheck.biz
Produced by: WaterCheck.biz
Year: 2011
Language: Music

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May 15, 2020  
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