There are many publications by academic journals, local and global NGO’s and newspapers addressing the problems and challenges of people with disabilities. Below you will find a selection of theses interesting reports and articles. 


A practical guide to inclusive development projects.  It provides inspiration material that enthusiastic individuals can use to put the topic of disability inclusion on the agenda of their organisations. But it also gives essential information on how inclusion can be anchored within organisational structures and policies.


‘Networking to make disability matter’ is the slogan of the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development. DCDD has made development organisations take note of disability and has contributed to the internationalisation of the Dutch disability sector. DCDD has been able to bring pace and dynamism to debates and exchanges about the situation of people with disabilities in developing countries, from the point of view of equal rights. DCDD’s expertise of, and focus on, mainstreaming disability may give the Dutch government and development organisations a strong stimulus to catch up.  Website  


This sourcebook is entitled “Water and sanitation for disabled people and other vulnerable groups: designing services to improve accessibility”, which provides information and ideas for service providers to make facilities and services more accessible for disabled people and other vulnerable groups.


This paper looks at the changes that have taken place in recent years around poverty, disability and the relationship between the two. The nature of the changes will be assessed, examining who controls the agenda and what prospects there are for progress. The role that disabled people and poor people have in setting and implementing the current agenda is questioned. Finally the paper looks at some ways forward and makes some suggestions as to how poverty and disability can be more effectively addressed.



This report seeks to explore the potential pathways through which exclusion of people with disabilities may generate economic costs to individuals, their families and societies at large. Additionally, potential economic gains that may be realised through inclusion are investigated. Source: 


On the website of UN Enable you can find news on the ratification and implementation of the UN convention for disabilities. Also the history of this part of the United Nations is mapped out in a timeline and it includes an agenda with upcoming events.  Finally, you can also consult the organizations’ main themes.  Website 


The New Agriculturalist, an online magazine, has recently published a great special edition on disability and agriculture, focusing on successful case studies of disability inclusion from Africa and Asia. It is called Focus on.. Agriculture and Disability.  Website

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