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IWRM as a tool for adaptation to climate change
This tutorial is intended to demonstrate how IWRM concepts and instruments can be utilised for adaptation to climate change.

Using multimedia tools in water training
Simple tools to incorporate in your water trainings presented in ready reckoners.

Integrated Urban Flood Management
As flood events appear to be rapidly increasing world-wide, an advanced and universal approach to urban flooding and how to manage them becomes imperative to reduce flood impact.

Water integrity
The issue of integrity and anti-corruption in the water sector – one of the least addressed areas in the governance of water resources and services.

Streams of Law – water legislation and legal reform for integrated water resources
This training manual introduces various aspects of water law and is suitable for middle and senior level water managers. It will help to understand how water law is made and how various principles can be incorporated into law.

Conflict resolution
Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of human social systems and given the central importance of water to human well-being it is natural that conflicts arise over water. How to turn conflict into cooperation?

Economics in Sustainable Water Management
this training manual addresses both financial and economic instruments in water management. The application ranges from water resources through water supply and sanitation.

Integrated Water Resources Management for River Basin Organisations
This training is particularly targeted at the staff of river basin organisations (RBOs) to improve efficiency in the application of IWRM for sustainable management.

Hydro-Climatic Disasters in Water Resources Management
How to develop strategies for coping with hydro-climatic disasters such as floods and drought within the context of water resources management?

Groundwater Management in IWRM
This manual addresses groundwater in the IWRM perspective. Groundwater is technically complex but the technical expert and the water manager must reach a common understanding.

Integrated Water Resources Management Plans
This approach uses a traditional planning cycle adapted to the concepts of IWRM.

Water Resource Assessment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prediction in Ungauged and Data-scarce Basins
Better water resources management, spurred by scarcity and climate change, requires good hydrological data.

IWRM tutorial
Introductory tutorial on IWRM is aimed at policy makers, water managers, trainers and educators who want a basic understanding of IWRM principles.

Why gender matters
Understanding the different roles of men and women and to target action appropriately.













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