WaPOR database

The FAO portal to monitor WAter Productivity through Open access of Remotely


The WaPOR data portal, developed by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is a tool that uses satellite data to monitor agricultural land- and water productivity throughout Africa and the Near East.

The database is in continuous development, currently WaPOR 2.0, comprises different datasets (called ‘levels’) with a spatial resolution of 250m (Level I), 100 meter resolution (Level II) for some selected countries and river basins, as well as data for selected areas at 30 meter resolution (Level III). Actual Evapotranspiration, Net Primary Productivity, Land cover classification and Above Ground Biomass production will be produced at all three levels. Data layers include: Gross Biomass and Gross Biomass Water Productivity, actual Evapotranspiration and Interception, Transpiration, Net Primary Production, Total Biomass Production, Land Cover Classification, Precipitation, and more…

WaPOR Documentation


The following video provide pointers as to how to start using the WaPOR Database. Or use the search option at the top of this page.

Water Productivity  
November 13, 2017  
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