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Master Class 3: From Farms to Basins

June 7, 2017 @ MetaMeta, Wageningen

On June 7th, the third and last master class in this series was hosted by MetaMeta. This master class was divided into two parts. The first part consisted of a work session in which a demonstration of the FAO WaPOR database was presented and in which future steps of the Community of Practice around water productivity was discussed. The second part focused on investing in landscape approaches. Several speakers presented experiences on water productivity and basin management as well as opportunities of mobilizing climate finance.

Download the presentations:

  1. Demo and practicising with the FAO WaPOR database (Jonna van Opstal, IHE Delft Institute)
  2. Learning from Wash Alliance International (Dieuwertje Damen (Rainbow Collection) and Robert Meerman (RAIN))
  3. How can we contribute as Water Productivity Community of Practice to large landscape management programs? (Frank van Steenbergen, MetaMeta)
  4. Introduction, looking back to past master classes and include feedback of afternoon session (Frank van Steenbergen, MetaMeta) 
  5. FarmerTree tool: Calculating programme financial scenarios (Frank van Schoubroeck, FarmTreeServices)
  6. Dutch Agro-Water Climate Alliance (DAWCA): mobilizing climate finance (Jan Willem den Besten IUCN NL) 
  7. G4AW: opportunities for water productivity CoP (Hans van Leeuwen, NWP)
  8. Water productivity in basin management: experiences from flood based farming (Frank van Steenbergen, MetaMeta)
  9. Community of Practice, thematic experiences of NWP and discussion on way forward (Peter Prins, NWP) (Presented without sildes)





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