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Will the Aral Sea come back?

Created on 27 July 2011
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This video was prepared by Toprak - Su - Enerji (Soil - Water - Energy) Study Group in Turkey. The video consists of sections of interviews with the local community and representatives during a journey to the Aral Sea Basin in May 2011. Existing situation of the water problem of the Aral Sea is described and key suggestions for the solution are given in the video.

As a result of the studies carried on for saving the Aral Sea, the North Aral Sea partially came back and water level reached to 42 meters. After the completion of the second phase of the project, water level will increase to the level of 46 meters. But, the Aral Sea will not reach to the level of 53 meters in 1960s. Solution for the South Aral Sea seems to be difficult. The South Aral Sea is almost completely dried up and and remaining water level is at 29 meters.

Will the "Aral Sea" completely come back? This will be determined by changing climate of the region and hydro-political relations among the five Central Asian countries.

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Produced by: Dursun YILDIZ, Ismail DEMIRAL
Language: Turkish, with English Subtitles
Year: 2011



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