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Educational video for LIFESAVER systems

Created on 04 March 2013
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This educational video project came about as a means to help communicate with children on the major issue of water poverty and LIFESAVER systems’ remarkable solution to the problem. The project developed with the support of LIFESAVER systems with the intention of being used within schools to teach children in a simple and engaging way about the issue, and inspire them to get involved with the solution.

Inspiration: This project was inspired by LIFESAVER systems’ portable nano filtration technology which can take dirty water, and with just a few pumps turn it to sterile drinking water. LIFESAVER bottles and jerry cans are already impacting the lives of so many in the developing world. Safe drinking water is essential for life, and with 1 in 8 of the world’s population having no access to it, contracting viruses and diseases from contaminated water and suffering illness often leading to death, the work of LIFESAVER is vital. With this in mind, the key task was to encourage schools to get involved with their work, realising this could best be accomplished by creating a piece with visual impact which would stay in the minds of children and motivate them to influence change.

More info: http://www.lifesaversystems.com/
Produced by: LifeSaver
Year: 2013
Language: English
Region: Global



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