Webinar: communication without words

This webinar is part of the webinar series: ‘IHE Delft Online Seminars for Alumni and Partners’. IHE Delft organizes the series in cooperation with TheWaterChannel. They are open to everyone.

22 November 2018

Did you know that… 

  • Of all land that is irrigated, 20% has become too salinized to farm. This means 1.6 million hectares are lost every year.
  • In just over a decade we lost groundwater equivalent to 40 million Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • Due to human activity, many deltas are sinking 5 times faster than sea levels are rising.

There is a need to communicate the global water crises more widely. Not enough is being done in this direction. Water management happens across different regions, different sectors, and involves professionals of different specialization. In order that they all learn from each other’s work, it is important that they capture and communicate their experiences effectively. Communication tools are now available to all. Everyone can film, record, write, and publish online. Scientists, researchers, project managers – everyone is potentially a communicator. This is an opportunity for water professionals to use communication tools not just to disseminate, but also to collaborate, and source information. And to learn from peers a process known as horizontal learning.

In this webinar, Lenneke Knoop and Abraham Abhishek from TheWaterChannel present a framework of Communication for collaboration, research, and horizontal learning; and how tools like video can help implement it in water management.

About the Speakers: Ms. Lenneke Knoop (TheWaterChannel) has experience is in Natural Resource Management and Communications, with over 12 years’ experience working in the areas of NRM such as spate irrigation, water supply & sanitation and groundwater management. Over that time, she has also designed and delivered communication trainings for water sector professionals, educational institutions, and community-based organisations – in The Netherlands, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Bangladesh.

Mr. Abraham Abhishek (TheWaterChannel) has worked as a broadcast journalist, a researcher, and a communications expert for over 12 years; most recently in the field of water management. Over that time, he has produced several videos; and designed/managed projects applying videos and photography as tools for research and learning.


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November 20, 2018  
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