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Bani Hoshaish - Check Dams: Challenges and Obstacles in Maintenance

Created on 27 May 2015
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This video is the second part of a series of videos consisting of three parts discussing the new implemented water management projects in Wadi Qaradha of Bani Hoshais district in Sana’a, the challenges faced, and the ancient irrigations systems.

In spite of the many advantages the constructed check dams in Wadi Qaradha have, a small number of the valley’s precious dams are falling apart due to the lack of maintenance and the flood’s heavy density. Wadi Qaradha’s locals reveal the need of maintenance, the construction of Breaching Structures and Jabyounat (Rocks tied together to not fall apart), and getting rid of the sediments the flood brings.

** Flood Videos copy rights: Fadhl Mane’e (A farmer) **

More information: yemenwater.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Final-Report-wael.pdf

Produced by: MetaMeta, in cooperation with the Water and Environment Center- Sana’a University (WEC) and TheWaterChannel
Year: 2015
Language: Arabic
Region: Middle East



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