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Arresting gullies

Created on 19 October 2015
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The message on this documentary video is to direct attention and encourage action on gullies that are rapidly expanding uphill slope, devastating valuable farmland and reducing the storage capacity of reservoirs in the highland. This video is the outcome of the PEER Science research project funded by USAID to Bahir Dar University.

የዚህ ዶክመንተሪ ፊልም መልእክት የእርሻ መሬቶችን እየዋጠ፣ ግድቦቻችን በደለል እየሞላና ወደ ተራሮች እየተስፋፋ ያለውን ቦረቦር ለማገገም ትኩረት በመስጠት ሲሆን ዶክመንተሪ ፊልም የተዘጋጀው በአሜሪካ የእርዳታ ድርጅት የገንዘብ ድጋፍ የባህርዳር ዩኒቨርስቲ ፒር ሳይንስ የምርምር ፕሮጀክት ውጤት ነው፡፡

More info: http://soilandwater.bee.cornell.edu/Research/international/ethiopia.htm
Produced by: Bahir Dar University
Year: 2015
Language: Amharic and English, with English subtitles
Region: Ethiopia, East Africa




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