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Created on 08 April 2011
Blue Gold : World Water Wars
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Pintadas Solar
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At the water's edge
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One of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century. Some thirst for water. Others waste it. The...
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Recently Jan Post has won the SENSE PhD Award for his PhD research "Electricity production from salinity gradients by reverse electrodialysis”. Besides the research he carried out on the effectiveness of the Blue Energy system in practice, he also tries to engage the society with his practical solutions. “The best part of doing scientific research is being able to explore things that fascinate you while not losing sight of practical applications”, is one of his quotes.
The Blue Energy project at the “Aflsuitdijk” is one of the projects he is currently involved with.

More info: www.sense.nl
Produced by Mug Media for SENSE
Year: 2011
Language: Dutch with English subtitles



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