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The power of networking and opportunity analysis in times of COVID-19

Reinier Veldman and Judith de Bruijne September 30, 2020 The world is going through uncertain times with the growing visible effects of global climate change on water availability, agriculture, and food supplies. The COVID-19 induced lockdowns in 2020 have caused additional societal and economic impacts that will intensify the already vulnerable situation of communities in many parts of the world. The degree of impact on societies varies of course from place to place. We therefore believe that contextual analysis is essential. Such a contextual analysis has recently been presented by in a report and a recent blogpost Blog by RDF and MetaMeta. This case highlights the harsh impacts of a lockdown situation in Naj Gaj, Sindh, Pakistan. It demonstrates how vulnerable communities in this flood-livelihood dependent area are forced to consume all their savings and how women and children are disproportioned negatively affected.  This groundwork in Pakistan has been an extremely useful to map interrelations between different impacts. It enabled… Continued

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