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What does Asset Management entail?

The definition, advantages and main steps to apply water systems’ asset management by Aldo Zamarroni Peralta and Judith de Bruijne Practica Foundation Under the flag of the WASH Alliance International, Practica Foundation has started a limited 2-weekly blog series on Asset Management of small-scale water systems. Our second post deals with the definition, advantages and main steps to apply water systems’ asset management. The experiences of Sudarshan Rajbhandari, -the Programme director of CIUD, a local NGO in Nepal-, are being shared to understand what the Asset Management methodology means for the regular activities of water managers. Happy reading! The last blog entry dealt with the main constraints the WASH Alliance International has encountered while working on SDG 6 in the global South. Based on its assessment, the WASH Alliance International felt that Asset Management is potentially one of the best methodologies to improve the sustainability of rural and peri-urban water systems. However, the question arises: What is asset management and… Continued

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